About Asphan Leather:

Asphan Leather is a company that has enjoyed great reputation in the industry since 1975. Asphan Leather was established with the purpose of manufacturing fine leather products and over the years we have gained in reputation as manufacturers of some of the best leather jackets, bags, belts, wallets and accessories. We have employ the best, experienced skilled employees in our manufacturing facility which is located in Wazirabad; about 90 km (60 miles) from Lahore Pakistan.
We are using Juki state of the art sewing machines to produce the best and fine quality leather products; and we specialize in several unique designs, embroidery and hand designs which are all carried out in house.


We aim to establish ourselves as Pakistan’s undisputed leader in the manufacture and export of leather products by focusing our attention on quality and on time delivery.


Our mission is to provide all our clients with the best possible experience in dealing with a Pakistan Manufacturer. We will ensure customer satisfaction by understanding their requirements and we will deliver over and above their expectations.


Ensure Customer satisfaction.
Provide for Inclusive Growth – Employees and Organization.
Develop Quality products at affordable prices.
Carry an honest business approach.


The Tannery:

Asphan Leather is well supported by and affiliated to efficient tanneries in Sialkot, Kasure and Karachi - the heart of Pakistan’s leather industry. Our tanneries specialize in the production of Goat, Sheep, Lamb,  cow and buffalo leather. These Tannerie produce a wide variety of leather covering Drum Dyed Napas, Vegetable based Napas, Light weight Napas, Suedes and Napalans as per customer choice and preference. Different finishes to leather has been mastered at Asphan Leather to provide the washed look, the vintage look, the burnish effect and many more interesting choices on leather garments.

Manufacturing Process:

The manufacturing process commences with the assortment and approval of leather in strict compliance with color, quality and pattern. This approved leather is then issued for Cutting. The leather is then carefully hand cut and sorted in to respective bundles as per style and size and then handed over to the team of tailors for pasting and perfect stitching.

Once the garment is complete, it is conveyed to the Quality Control department for thorough inspection and finishing touches.

Having passed the stringent quality checks the garments are neatly and securely packed for shipment to various destinations.

Human Assets:

At Asphan Leather we value the bond and partnership that we build with our employees. Every individual working in the organization is viewed as an asset and we are proud of their abilities. We look up to our employees as artists who can deliver the most difficult of styles with unimaginable ease. Every employee in the company is aptly rewarded and recognized for good work done. At Asphan Leather we are one big family with a strong culture that promotes progressive and inclusive growth.


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